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First and foremost, «Мегатекс» LLC pays a lot of attention to the quality of the ready products. The control is carried out at all stages of ACB production – from selection of raw materials up to the final testing and examination of the chemical alloy and battery components in the laboratories. Skilled professionals of different branches and disciplines pay close attention to the quality. The plant operating departments have modern equipment corresponding to all requirements of GOST.

It should be mentioned that «TopCar» TM batteries have significant advantages in comparison to the other brands represented at the market, these are: high resistance to over-discharging, long operating life about 3 years (due to the registered sealing element), high vibration stability on any road, low self-discharge. Warranty period is 12 to 18 months depending on the ACB type.

The processes of housing and cover production for the batteries are also monitored, the materials are selected carefully, the contents of granulated components is controlled as well, density, measurements, and determining of alloy liquidity indexes. The correspondence of the products to master templets and geometrical parameters is also observed. The density, stability, and impact resistance tests are carried out. The final applicability revision after the ripening process in the specialized chambers for the battery plates is determined by such reference parameters as: humidity, temperature, sample collection of the paste for a free lead.

The processes of collection, production, selling and further recycling of ACB wastes correspond to the norms of Order No. 223/154/165 of 31.12.1996 «On approval of the procedure of collection and recycling of dead lead/acid batteries», adopted by the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Economy, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine. Collection, procurement, transportation, packaging, storage, and quality control at «Megatex» LLC is performed in accordance with technical requirements and standards of GOST.

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