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TOPCAR technology

«TopCar» trademark batteries are developed in accordance with exclusively innovative hybrid technologies with the use of bivalent metals in the process of manufacturing. «TopCar» TM batteries are manufactured by «Megatex» LLC – a leading plant producing starter acid/lead car batteries on the territory of CIS countries and Europe. The essence of hybrid technologies lies in the fact that the negative plate is casted of lead alloy whereas the positive one – of lead alloy doped with selenium with addition of high-technology elements to the alloy.

In the process of starter batteries manufacturing a strict order is observed, which improves the quality of the products:

  • 1 – casting shop – casting of double electrode plates;
  • 2 – production of lead oxide powder;
  • 3 – preparation of pastes;
  • 4 – pasting of terminals (in electrode plates production);
  • 5 – drying and ripening of electrode plates;
  • 6 – separation of coupled electrode plates;
  • 7 – gathering of electrode plates blocks, soldering and setting up in a monoblock;
  • 8 – assembling of batteries;
  • 9 – forming and activation;
  • 10 – control and packaging of ready batteries.

For casting of electrode grids of negative and positive polarity Expended Metal Technology (cutting and stretching method) is used; this procedure is performed with modern high-technology equipment Wirtz. Battery housings and covers are formed using the state of the art equipment with modern injection-molding machines. The final stage of ACB production is conversion and forming of plate blocks, soldering of elements contained in a housing monoblock, and general assembling performed at a fully automated LECO line. Beginning with the stage of placing the plate blocks in the battery housing cells at the «Megatex» plant the products undergo a 100% quality control of operations at all stages of assembly and production. The maintained order of the battery assembly process is a guarantee of quality and provision of the best product characteristics in the future exploitation.

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