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Dead batteries disposal

The chemical components contained in the dead batteries are extremely harmful to the living organisms and environment. To decrease the level of such components’ harmful influence, “Megatex” plant was the first in Ukraine to arrange a department of complex disposal; first of all, it decides the problem of environmentally safe handling of dead lead/acid batteries (LAB). The secondary raw materials are recycled by the way of removal of harmful elements from the dead ACBs (plumbic compounds, platinum metal, and non-ferrous metals); thereafter they are recycled and added to the new products, forming an uninterrupted production cycle.

The complex disposal of LAB wastes consists of two components: disposal of LAB components containing lead, and re-utilization of LAB spent electrolyte.

The general task of dead ACB disposal department at «Megatex» LLC is to recycle the harmful wastes and obtain raw materials of them, which would further be used as accompanying components for manufacturing of new batteries, as well as to deactivate the products that cause harm to the environment. This became quite possible due to the innovative imported equipment installed in the recycling department of the plant. With this equipment the results of chemical elements and impurities disintegration are divided, milled into fractions, the spent electrolyte is neutralized by the way of recycling thereof into Glauber’s salt. The milled accumulators are used to obtain polypropylene which after several stages of purification is turned into polypropylene granules, and can be used for further production of new ACBs.

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