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In 1993 «Megatex» plant was established as a manufacturer of lead and lead alloys, and since 2004 the starter batteries production project was introduced. “Megatex” LLC manufactures lead and alloys, produces car starter batteries, carries out disposal of wastes. For the time of its existence the enterprise is constantly developing, improving the methods and processes, as well as equipment and laboratories, develops innovative programmes for improvement of the products’ quality. The enterprise professionals exchange their practical knowledge with the leading ACB manufacturers. In 2006 a new unit manufacturing starter batteries was opened.

The laboratory is equipped with all necessary technological equipment to provide real-time management and control of the manufacture process parameters at all stages. High quality metrological works are carried out; a progressive product quality control management system is applied. The units manufacturing ACB details have high quality foreign equipment.

The battery plates are cut in CATELLI chambers, the ripening process of double plastered plates, cutting and chipping of lugs takes place in MAC Parter machine, the conversion process is accomplished in TEKMAX machine, the blocks are soldered with COS machine, the assembly is carried out on LEKO line.

«TopCar» TM batteries present time-proved quality and reliability, they are meant for the motorists who take care of and love their cars.

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