Battaries TOPCAR


It is a Ukrainian brand of car batteries created according to the European technologies. The wide range of TOPCAR production offers the opportunity to select a battery for any car

High technologies

production and quality control
We use the most innovative technologies and European equipment in production of the batteries

Consistent quality

reliability and longevity
All TOPCAR batteries are acknowledged to be reliable and resistant to external factors products

Constant development

Growth in demand and distribution areas
TOPCAR batteries constantly conquer new markets and gain brand fans among the clients

Ecological properties

recycling and disposal
Within the production disposal and recycling of secondary raw materials is arranged to preserve the environment

Over 5 years at the market allowed the TOPCAR batteries to prove their quality and reliability

The TOPCAR batteries of all product lines at fairly high starter currents have a guaranteed wide range of operating temperatures, as well as immunity to over-discharging


Using the ortho-phosphoric acid as an active mass component allows gaining some additional advantages: it creates ACB resistant to over-discharging, decreases resistance (thus increases the current), adds stability to the plates increasing the battery’s resource


For the safety purposes the battery cover is equipped with a system of “flame arrester” filters, securing the battery from the outer sources of spark formation. The plugs are protected from dirt and dust with a special plastic plank


The accumulating batteries of this brand are produced at MEGATEX plant equipped with the modern European machinery. Today “Megatex” LLC is one of the biggest producers of the high-quality branded lead and lead alloys on the territory of CIS and EU countries, as well as one of the leaders in manufacture of lead/acid starter batteries in Europe


We use the most innovative technologies of production and quality control in manufacture of TOPCAR batteries

Hybrid technology

All TOPCAR batteries are produced exclusively according to the innovative hybrid technology (Innovative Hybrid Technology) with application of bivalent metals

Imported equipment

The plant is equipped with high-technology imported machinery of such well known brands like Wirtz, Leko, Sovema, Digatron, Oxmaster, Cimec, CMW, and KUSTAN

Grid casting

In TOPCAR batteries we use a cast grid for the electrodes of both polarities instead of perforated grids produced by the means of perforation and stretching.

Battery assembly

The assembly of accumulator batteries is performed at a fully-automated LEKO line. The conformance inspection for the specified technological requirements is performed automatically

Quality control

A unique system of compliance monitoring and fulfilment of all technical requirements at all assembly stages provides 100 % quality control

Laboratory studies

The production is tested on the basis of two own attested laboratories, providing the high quality of testing and analysis

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Topcar batteries sold


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Useful Information

TOPCAR technology

«TopCar» trademark batteries are developed in accordance with exclusively innovative hybrid technologies with the use of bivalent metals in the process of manufacturing. «TopCar» TM batteries are manufactured by «Megatex» LLC – a leading plant producing starter acid/lead car batteries on the territory of CIS countries and Europe
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TOPCAR quality control

First and foremost, «Мегатекс» LLC pays a lot of attention to the quality of the ready products. The control is carried out at all stages of ACB production – from selection of raw materials up to the final testing and examination of the chemical alloy and battery components in the laboratories
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Dead batteries disposal

The chemical components contained in the dead batteries are extremely harmful to the living organisms and environment. To decrease the level of such components’ harmful influence, “Megatex” plant was the first in Ukraine to arrange a department of complex disposal; first of all, it decides the problem of environmentally
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